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 "We so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door,

that we do not see the ones which open  for us."

-Alexander Graham Bell. 




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Outside the box type of Loan products currently available.

You most certainly can get the traditional Convention, FHA, VA and USDA (and other) types of loans.  They are still available and the loan opportunities are opening up daily.  Here are a few that are newer to the market place that may work for you or someone you know.

Directors Mortgage's new Professional Loan

Introducing Directors Mortgage's new Professional Loan! We understand that relocating for a new job can be a stressful experience, and more so when you have to buy a new home. Most lenders require that your client must have started their new job before allowing their home loan to close, which can cause even more stress if they wish to move and get settled ahead of time. Directors Mortgage's Professional Loan program is here to help! With a mutually executed employment contract between your client and their new employer, our Professional Loan program will allow for your client to close on the purchase of their new primary residence up to 60 days before they start employment! Directors Mortgage can provide your client with the peace of mind that comes with eliminating the need for moving twice, or the hassle of trying to start a job and move at the same time. ...

NHF Platinum Program- free downpayment monies

What is the NHF Platinum Program? First Mortgage Program with a Down Payment Assistance Grant (DPA Grant) Available in Utah, Oregon, Washington, Idaho and Colorado No first-time homebuyer requirement First Mortgage rates/reservations: – First Mortgage Rates are subject to change at anytime – Grant is reserved at same time as First Mortgage Lock – Reservation Confirmation (lock) is valid for (60) calendar days Grant is sized up to 5% of TOTAL First Loan amount – See Grant Options & Corresponding Mortgage rates on Reservation Portal Grant IS NOT a Second Lien (not calculated in the DTI/CLTV) Grant proceeds can be used for: – Down payment – Closing costs Contact Phil Gehring of Sunrise Mortgage Group 503-657-1122 for more information. ...

Rent-to-Own Program‏ aka a lease-option loan

There are very few lease-options available in the market place. Here is an option. COVE’s Mortgage Alternative Program (MAP), is an industry leading and innovative “Rent AND Own” solution. It offers customers who are interested in buying a home but currently do not qualify for a traditional mortgage the ability to get back on the path to home ownership today. Pre-Qualification Consumer completes FREE application – No Obligation until close Submits Bank Statements, W-2’s (if applicable), Letters of Explanation, Deposit & Fees Collected at opening of Escrow 5% or 10% Deposit Options. 3% Transaction Fee to COVE Closing COVE bids via realtor on home and purchases with no contingencies Escrows usually 30 Days or less Call Cyndi Powell of Peak Mortgage 503-266-5800 for More information. ...


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